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Kindsight Therapy, LLC offers secure online therapy through video sessions.
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Green Hills

Kindsight Therapy, LLC

What is Kindsight?

The heart of Kindsight is viewing your past mistakes with grace and compassion instead of judgment. 


At Kindsight Therapy, LLC, my focus is to help you heal through whatever life has thrown at you. I provide therapy services for adults dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, difficult life transitions, and women's issues. My goal is to help you begin your journey to healing and happiness.

- Jennifer Kendrick, LCSW

of Kindsight Therapy, LLC

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Jennifer Kendrick, LCSW

Jennifer specializes in working with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, women's issues and trauma, including religious trauma. Jennifer takes a compassionate and personalized approach to therapy, tailoring her techniques to meet the unique needs of each individual client. She believes that therapy is a collaborative journey towards healing and growth.

Jennifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over twenty-five years of experience in the mental health field. She has trained extensively with the Wellness Institute near Seattle in hypnotherapy and psychodrama. She has completed the basic, advanced and enhanced training for Accelerated Resolution Therapy, an evidenced based therapy for trauma.  She is certified as a Basic ART practitioner and has had phenomenal success treating trauma with ART.

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